Monday, June 16, 2008


My sister-in-law practically forced me to read a book, and now I'm enamored with it. What is it about a really good love story, intertwined with some good action, that captures a girl's attention? I suppose it's the fact that most women my age have been in relationships for some time, and the newness, the rush of that love, is usually gone by then. Reading about it, and the hero of the book, who is incredibly romantic, would do anything for the heroine, and wants her for all time, takes our breath away.

Anyway, the book has all that romance in it, but it has some hilarious scenes and lines in it, too. I'm dying for the movie to come out...although I bet I'll have to go to the movies by myself.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A new stage for me

Arissa is in a new stage... one I have not experienced before as a mom. It's the "I love this dress so much that I want to wear it every day" stage. Yeah, even when it smells bad. I don't know why, but she adores her pink sundress from The Children's Place. She's never been too intent on wearing dresses, but for some reason, this one she never wants to take off. I've already handwashed it twice this week (once after she got marker on it...washable, thank goodness!) I think she'd sleep in it if we let her. Well, at least her laundry isn't piling up as fast...