Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seriously slacking

It's amazing how life with 3 kids makes it difficult to do things like update your blog on a regular basis. So, I get the pleasure of trying to do about 6 months of updates in one blog post.

All 3 of my kids are in school now. Hunter is in his last year of elementary school and Arissa is in her first year. They are all doing great. Hunter had a rough start to the year-he got his first C's on his report card. Let's just say that long division is NOT his friend. Arissa is starting to read, and she's lost 2 of her bottom teeth.

This winter has been a BRUTAL one. The Farmer's Almanac said to expect a particularly cold one-what they didn't mention is that we have had more snow this winter than in the past 5 winters combined. Even my kids are asking, "Mom, are we going to go back to school soon?" You know it's bad when the kids are asking to go to school. I'm looking outside my window right now and all I see is a fresh blanket of snow and sleet coming down.