Thursday, July 22, 2010

Salem, the mystical city of time warps

I admit it...I got a new cell phone. My new cell phone is uber-techno, thanks to my husband. I wanted a nice, normal phone...he wanted me to get a smartphone. My phone uses Android. Yeah, ostentatious as it is, I love it. I admit it. I miss my QWERTY keyboard, and I can't text as fast as before, but I can check Facebook, my e-mail, play games, browse the ' know, because I'm not connected enough as it is.

Anyway, I had an appointment in Salem the other day. I was in the waiting room and checked the time on my phone. 11:30? What the what? My appointment time was at 1:45. I was pretty sure that I didn't accidentally leave the house super early (I'd be more inclined to leave the house super late), since I fed my kids lunch when they alerted me when it was noon. (Actually, their stomachs did. Their stomachs have built-in alarms that go off at noon when they haven't had lunch, and they complain to me that they're starving to death). I looked at my watch...2:30. Hmmm. Did I go back in time? I fiddled with my phone. It recognized that I was in Salem, which is in the Eastern time zone...yet each time I go to Salem, my phone goes back in time 3 hours. Boggles the mind. And should make things interesting, because I work in Salem.


SarahRachel said...

Ha ha...that's so weird. You think that's the time in Salem, Oregon?

Amanda said...

I'm not sure...but it shows that I'm in the Eastern time zone in Salem, so it's really WEIRD. I'm going to be all confused at work!