Friday, May 8, 2009

Are they KIDDING me?

Baby names, oh my. The Social Security Administration has compiled their list of popular baby names for 2008. Emma is the top girl name, and Jacob is the top boy name. Bot cute names, if you ask me. There also is a link where you can search for unique baby names, I guess if you don't want your child to be one of 4 kids with the same name. Some of the names, I mean, really? Here are a few of the names on the list:

-Anemone (as in a sea anemone)
-Cedar (as in a tree)
-Hades (as in HELL)

Did they just go through a Webster's dictionary, close their eyes, and point to words on a page, thinking, "This might be a unique baby name"??

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SarahRachel said...

Chase is #67 and Jackson is #32. So not the MOST original but at least they aren't in the top 30! Whew! =)