Thursday, June 25, 2009

My summer favorite

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is going to yard sales. My husband cannot for the life of him understand the appeal of driving around, looking at other people's junk. But I love it! I get clothes for super cheap, and some good books to boot. Would anyone really know that the American Eagle capris I am wearing, I bought at a yard sale for $2? (Well, you know now, but I've got more than one pair of AE capris, hahahaha). Or that some of my kids' clothes I bought at yard sales? I'd much rather pay .50 for a book, as opposed to $12-$15 for that same book brand-new (unless it's a book I really want, and will read over and over again, like the Twilight series!). I've gotten some killer deals at flea markets and yard sales. It's just another reason for me to go shopping :D

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