Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Parents Eat Fast

People watch in amazement when I eat. I eat like I'm being timed. Fast, and barely tasting my food. Why do you think parents, especially moms, eat like they are trying to beat a Guinness Book of World Records record? Stay at home moms can answer this! In one word: kids. Have you ever had 3 kids under the age of five? Have you ever tried to eat with 3 kids under the age of five? Unless you are quick on your feet, it doesn't happen. As in, you eat fast and without tasting anything.

Here was a typical breakfast/lunch for me. I make 2 of the kids something to eat, ie, a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. I give them both a glass of milk. The 2 sit down to eat, and I make kid #3 a bottle or bowl of baby cereal, put the baby in the high chair, and proceed to feed the baby while I tried to eat my food. I start feeding the baby, and kid #1 needs more milk. I get kid #1 more milk, and resume feeding the baby. Kid #2 spills some milk. I clean up milk. Baby is squawking because baby is hungry, so I resume feeding baby. Kid #1 is finished with breakfast, but is still hungry, so I give kid #1 something to eat. Kid #2 sees kid #1 with more food, and wants something else to eat, too. I give kid #2 something to eat while trying to feed the baby, who is trying to eat her fists because she's starving. By the time breakfast is over, I'm over breakfast.


SarahRachel said...

Ha ha...and that's not even addressing what we've had to go through feeding 12 toddler while trying to feed ourselves!

Amanda said...

Oh gosh...that's a whole other blog in itself, Sarah!

Lori said...

That is so funny and such a "Mommy" thing! Half the time I don't even make a plate, I just nibble as I get the kids stuff ready. This way, I don't make quite a scene!

I ran across your blog today and just wanted to say hello.