Monday, July 1, 2013

Minecraft: I don't get it

Minecraft has overtaken my house.  For anyone who a) doesn't have a kid or b) lives under a rock, Minecraft is a computer game that apparently is very addicting.  It's really quite simplistic, graphically, and there really is no purpose in the game.  You build things.  The game uses 3-D cubes.  Everything is pretty much cube-shaped.  Like I said, graphics are simplistic.  Anyway, you build stuff.  And you stay away from creepers.  And apparently, you use the game to torment your siblings.  My kids can play on the same server, so they're in the same game, and when Scott (my husband) joins in, all hell breaks loose.  (It doesn't help that Scott is quite the instigator when he plays with the kids).  Tonight, I had to go outside, because my ears could no longer withstand the level of decibels in which the screaming reached while they played. I don't know what exactly they do in the game, but here are some ACTUAL quotes I wrote down while listening to the commotion:

-Kill it with fire!

- I need more chickens!

-Why is the wolf going after Dad?
 Because I hit it with an egg.

-Stop killing my wolves, or I'll kill your chickens!

-Tyler, stop killing your brother! (That one actually came from me)

-Leave my potatoes alone!

-He has an arrow sticking out of the back of his head.

 Well then, give me back my dirt.

-I have angered the hot dog gods.

-Dad, stop putting cobwebs on my house!

I really, truly don't get it.  But I could write a book of quotes, because people, you can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

Amanda My son is 18 and he loves that game too. I play my xbox all the time and I really like it.

I do not get the whole mindcraft thing. It looks like crap. My nintendo looked better than the graphics on that game.

It sounds to me like your husband is connecting with the kids on a huge level. I promise you when they grow up and have kids of there own, they will not forget about all the potatoes they stold or chickens they killed.

Great story lady.

Amanda said...

If my eardrums can make it that long...

tw0sparr0ws said...

This was epic. Love it.

Sherry Walker said...

Omgsh...I have had a summer of this talk...I don't like you so I am setting your house on fire... Oh my gosh who stole all my stuff. Oh my gosh I am reporting your to Microsoft. (he actually reports Microsoft gives a flying F.) I HATE this game and I am convinced it may be the Anti-Christ.